Thursday, September 11, 2008

Von Bansik is a flirt

First test animation of the year. The timing is a little off, but my personal favorite is the ear flick.

Lipsync Animation to Ballroom Blitz

This is my WIP for an assignment in Steve's Tech 2 class. I'm having fun with it, but so far, its a lot of work.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I need to get the hell off the ground...out from under my feet

I have as any other artist had serious doubts in myself. I am afraid to fail, i'm afraid to be let down again, I feel like i'm going up the endless staircase in "Super Mario 64" (if anyone remembers that part in that game) and it feels like i'm going up all these steps and then you turn Mario around and you see that he hasn't gone anywhere. I haven't felt like Mario more than ever right now in that situation. I've even thought of taking a semester off, but I gotta keep going. There's too much at stake, other than my health problems, I have a lot of things to sort out through my mind to get through. And I guess I just gotta stay here at school and work it out and not give up even in the hardest times.

Heh, I even forget how you unlock the endless staircase. I think you need to do something in a different world. Maybe I really just need to go to another world to get where I want to go.

Here's a photo of the said endless staircase. This is a screenshot from Super Mario 64, its © to Nintendo. I'm just using it for a metaphoric example.

More animations and work posted later.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Richard Collab and art trade

Art trade with Courty of her bf's char, Dusky.

I got permission from Patrick to post this, actually he insist I post this. It's a good pic so I will. It's of his character Richard, that he colored and drew, and I shaded and highlighted him with a gel pen. Awesome collab if I do say so myself.

I got more like sketchbook stuff, but I gotta scan that. More badges coming soon too.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Edward Portrait

A portrait of Edward Cullen (from the Twilight Series) done by me, reference used from the move poster to get the actor's face right, and I touched it up in photoshop, but its mostly painted on Open Canvas 1.1

There's some things I could fix more on it, but i'll leave it at that. I really wanna try something like this on a canvas but with Dante. ^_^

Me and Ree are hopefully going to go to see Twilight on friday of MFF. And go to the Chicago AMC, SON. Excitment is building!

Also i'm getting together a portfolio to show at MFF in case people want to buy digital stuff from me later. And i'll be selling badges and prints there. The Sumi-E wolf painting will be up for a print and possibly my anthro city picture as well. I'll probably whip up some more full color things since those 2 are in greyscale.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Vehicle Critique

Ok heads up guys, i'm gonna be doing a commission which involves me drawing a motorcycle/scooter vehicle and I really am not familiar with drawing too many vehicles. I've done a few in the past, but then I don't draw them everyday, so I was wondering if anyone was up for critique or what not that's experienced with that. That'd rock. Also like links to tutorials or tips on how to color and shade said vehicles in photoshop would be AMAZING. I know I have some really awesome digital artists here that i'm linked up to, and if you guys would help, that'd be awesome.

That's all for now.

What I have coming soon are:

Starbar's Partial
5 new commissioned glow in the dark badges
The digital painting I mentioned above.



Thanks and God bless. <3

Sunday, August 17, 2008

1st semester animatic. Never Too Late

Because i'm that lazy and I had people demand I post this.

Haphazard is a border collie/wolf hybrid character of mine that's tortured in a government lab. Test after test he wishes he could get away from this hell that his life is meant for he dreams of more. His luck changes for the better though when the scientist testing on him goes a little bit too far and ends up giving him a chemical SO strong, that he goes into berserk mode and kills the person who not only created him but tested on him. He escapes and flees into the woods so he can live a more peaceful, natural life.

Audio is "Never Too Late" by Three Days Grace. I AM NOT SELLING THE SONG IN ANYWAY. The song is a place holder until I get another song to replace it that I have the actual rights to. I would NEVER sell anything without the rights/permission from the band. This is for practice and entertainment purposes for a school assignment. Thank you.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

That's all folks!

Another Art Club challenge. I drew my character I just made into a head, Starbar into a Looney Tunes Wil E. Coyote styled wolf! He's a surfer so I added the surfboard. I don't know if I need to shade him though, since most of the Looney Tunes cartoons I own don't have them shaded. It really wasn't til Space Jam where they shaded. I don't know. Suggestions? :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Stephanie (Rhia) Sopa! And other new art updates

Ahir, Rhia's dragon character for her BURFDAY AWWW SNAP! SOMEONE IS 19!!! C:
Commission of a furry camp-out! 4 different species. There is variety :3
Star says "Sup Ladies? :3"

Monday, August 11, 2008

Art Club Challenge #2- Draw with your opposite hand

100% left handed- (I'm a righty)
Dante is © Capcom

How a Sufi draws:

Sped up video of me drawing.
I need a better camera.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Cedar Point and some arts

AND I WENT TO CEDAR POINT! <3 Twas so much fun. Thanks again to Colin's parents for inviting me! It was a very nice trip. :3 That hat i'm wearing, well it FLEW back on the corkscrew and this guy caught it! XDD

Animated an icon for Akita of her character Tory.

Art club's instructions said to make a bulldog in my image. I don't know if Jared meant a bulldog fursona or something like that, but I did a random beauty queen bulldog. Isn't she GAWJUS?! XD

I have made like 3 more pics but they are on my friend's oekaki and those are more personal pieces.

Friday, July 25, 2008

American Idol Live

Was awesome!
I went to it last night. I got to meet 9 of the 10 idols. (David Cook was out after the show to LA)
But I got autographs on my ticket and I got a David Cook t-shirt. We were also 9 rows from the front. :3

What a great time! ^_^

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Commissions for Gir Tygrin and Tenkri.

I have a deal going on $25.00 only for a badge and a sketch or a badge and an icon for LJ/DA/FA/SA/etc.

Ain't no hopscotch, pink and purple polka dots, step off the blacktop, slide into the jaguar...

I listen to too much Paula Deanda. :P Hmmm what's new with me? I took a trip to Indiana with my friends Shiny Puppy, Vyren (Caeged Studios), and her beau James (Feng) to see the pooches at Wolf Park. The following video is of the wolves loving up on the photographer of the park, Monty. Please visit and buy stuff or go visit there and donate money by adopting a wolf or doing a seminar so you can have a hands on experience too. ^_^ (It's all non profit, too)

ALSO i'm taking my first practicum there studying the animals at the park for artistic/animation purposes. The practicum is gonna set me back about $530, but well worth it, plus I read I can have hands on experience with the wolves which would be so awesome and unforgettable and I have no regret donating money to animals. <3

Art coming in next post.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hold on, wait a minute, watch me crank muh bat-MAN

Dark Knight in like 3 days.
Wtf i'm excited!

Moar furry art/commissions/maybe a human.
This time there's felines! And not-dog things....
Cept for Tooie because it was her birthday and all that jazz.
And there's a fursuit. WHOOT. And that's a dog too. ): Awww I fail. *sniff sniff*'s mascot I made for fun because they rescue dogs and are awesome like that. (:

Sunday, June 29, 2008


$25.00 plus shipping and handling, this hand painted white tiger tail is yours.

Email if you are interested. ^_^

Well well well... long time no see...

Birthday gift for Vyren on FA of her character, Sabra.
Commission for Cloudchaser on FA of his character Moonbarker. This was a window cling commission and I print out the characters on window cling paper so you can stick them on windows or your car or whatever. ^_^ Those commissions are about $30.

Badge trade with Yuchiangel on FA of her hyena character.
Midwest furries logo for forum.
Collie Picnic logo for collie rescue.
Wolf/German Shepard tail for Mel of her character Moxie. ^_^
Badge trade with Sugar on FA.
Gift for Kanvet on FA of her snow leopard character.
Badge for Percy on FA.

Well i've been workin my tail off getting some stuff done.

Since i've been promoting on FA, there's no chance that i'm doing anything slightly human related so far, but I hope you all enjoy. ^_^

Monday, June 2, 2008

Website? Surely you jest!


It will be up soon and loaded with a star flash menu and picks from this blog sorted into a gallery. You will also be able to see a price listing, a FAQ page, and of course I will still update this thing because it's good for networking. HUZZAH.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

I blew all my candles out.

I made my wish.
Let the games begin.


And in respects for the soul that passed today:

RIP Luigi (the rainbow shark)

2-14-08 ~ 5-31-08

You brightened the darkest days of my life lately. It sickens me that on my brightest day you had to have your darkest. I'm truely sorry for cleaning your tank and moving you and making you panic and die. I know that feeling, I would never wish that on even my worst enemy. Please forgive me. <3

Friday, May 30, 2008


And I can see your face on the telephone...

Dante! 8D
Okami art painted with a sumi-e brush and ink. I like dogs. :3

I don't remember posting that tail. If I did, i'll delete this XD.
Commission for Moon Mochi on FA.
I have a strange obession with Dante from Devil May Cry. Haha, oh geez I need to get myself a real date. XD And I like drawin myself with the new leather Mel geared me up with. <333 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">Mister Jack Parker is (c) to me. Jack is muh man-sona. :3
It's ok to feel sad sometimes. (Dante again. SHHHHH D:<)

I can keep a rythym with no metronome...NO METROME NO METROME

Working on animation more. I'm also practicing timing through making AMVs. If you wanna see these amvs, go to Comment and rate, all that good jazz. I use other movies like the Lion King and Balto for my AMVs, but I do not claim these movies or their rights. I just paste things together.

WIP of the new fursuit head i'm making. Her name is gonna be Casey and she's gonna be the mascot for This is a surprise for them. Unsuspecting rescues suspect nothing. :3 The jaw moves too. I gotta get a better video of it. ^^; It was crooked before.
Hand painted tiger tail. einsman on FA wants to buy it for $30 plus shipping. (That's whats up :3)
Badge for FeralityIllustration on FA

Commission for Tenkri on FA.

I'm ready to chuck Windows Movie Maker out the window. I just got Sony Vegas and that's as confusing as Final Cut was. |: I'm not going to mess with it for now because I have an idea for an AMV that I REALLY wanna make and I don't want figure it out. And my computer keeps doing this thing where i'm typing and it randomly puts what i'm typing in like the 2nd sentence or the beginning or smack dab in the middle of the word of what i'm typing.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Demo Reel

Please leave me feedback. (: This goes for my other posts as well!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Orphaned Works Act

Well Scott got my butt in gear to do this (i've been busy with finals) and I want to get it out to all the people that visit here. Yes, there is a scare about an Orphaned Works Act, and no matter how much it might seem like a helping hand to some, it truly is not. Not just ART, but songs, stories, books, photographs even of your family are at danger for being profited from. It basically makes art theft LEGAL. I know there are lots of furs/artists/writers who may visit this page too. Your fursonas, characters, stories, poems EVERYTHING are up for free grabs by a random person who cannot find proof of your work or whom wants to erase the signature on it. Orphaned Works means if they cannot find the owner. Which means someone MIGHT not do that research, and people CAN, with enough effort erase your signature. So please do not let this pass! Write to your senators, the white house, anywhere where you can get your word in! Sign petitions! Rant about it! 

From my view, it is a bill. And all bills must be passed through one stage of voting by the people. And if we get the word out on what this is, we can help protect this. And this also goes for all different kinds of artists, not just the visual ones. 

Art theft makes me literally sick as it is. This probably will not pass if everyone is informed. So i'm just doing my part getting to the ears which have not heard yet. I suggest everyone else does the same. Or gets their view out. Either way, it's us loosing our right to copyright by not registering. We have little money as it is as art students and artists, why take from the poor? It's kindofa backwards Robin Hood syndrome going on here with the government. 

-Stephanie (Sufi)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Boss Finished

Done with Prismacolor Markers and Indian Ink/Microns.
Boss is ©2008 Stephanie Fargo (me)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Animation Survey Reel

Goes by a little fast like the first one but I think it's pretty good. I gotta work on the caramelldansen one. XD

Digital Stuff

Collie Rescue commission for the collie picnic graphics.

A gift for Stephanie Sopa (Rhia) made a year ago or so. (if you dont' want her posted, Ree, just tell me)
Concept art for Black-wolf's suit. (this might be too dark on some screens, sorry I have a really light screen)

Commish for SammehFox.