Saturday, August 23, 2008

Edward Portrait

A portrait of Edward Cullen (from the Twilight Series) done by me, reference used from the move poster to get the actor's face right, and I touched it up in photoshop, but its mostly painted on Open Canvas 1.1

There's some things I could fix more on it, but i'll leave it at that. I really wanna try something like this on a canvas but with Dante. ^_^

Me and Ree are hopefully going to go to see Twilight on friday of MFF. And go to the Chicago AMC, SON. Excitment is building!

Also i'm getting together a portfolio to show at MFF in case people want to buy digital stuff from me later. And i'll be selling badges and prints there. The Sumi-E wolf painting will be up for a print and possibly my anthro city picture as well. I'll probably whip up some more full color things since those 2 are in greyscale.

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