Sunday, June 29, 2008

Well well well... long time no see...

Birthday gift for Vyren on FA of her character, Sabra.
Commission for Cloudchaser on FA of his character Moonbarker. This was a window cling commission and I print out the characters on window cling paper so you can stick them on windows or your car or whatever. ^_^ Those commissions are about $30.

Badge trade with Yuchiangel on FA of her hyena character.
Midwest furries logo for forum.
Collie Picnic logo for collie rescue.
Wolf/German Shepard tail for Mel of her character Moxie. ^_^
Badge trade with Sugar on FA.
Gift for Kanvet on FA of her snow leopard character.
Badge for Percy on FA.

Well i've been workin my tail off getting some stuff done.

Since i've been promoting on FA, there's no chance that i'm doing anything slightly human related so far, but I hope you all enjoy. ^_^

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