Friday, May 30, 2008

I can keep a rythym with no metronome...NO METROME NO METROME

Working on animation more. I'm also practicing timing through making AMVs. If you wanna see these amvs, go to Comment and rate, all that good jazz. I use other movies like the Lion King and Balto for my AMVs, but I do not claim these movies or their rights. I just paste things together.

WIP of the new fursuit head i'm making. Her name is gonna be Casey and she's gonna be the mascot for This is a surprise for them. Unsuspecting rescues suspect nothing. :3 The jaw moves too. I gotta get a better video of it. ^^; It was crooked before.
Hand painted tiger tail. einsman on FA wants to buy it for $30 plus shipping. (That's whats up :3)
Badge for FeralityIllustration on FA

Commission for Tenkri on FA.

I'm ready to chuck Windows Movie Maker out the window. I just got Sony Vegas and that's as confusing as Final Cut was. |: I'm not going to mess with it for now because I have an idea for an AMV that I REALLY wanna make and I don't want figure it out. And my computer keeps doing this thing where i'm typing and it randomly puts what i'm typing in like the 2nd sentence or the beginning or smack dab in the middle of the word of what i'm typing.

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