Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ain't no hopscotch, pink and purple polka dots, step off the blacktop, slide into the jaguar...

I listen to too much Paula Deanda. :P Hmmm what's new with me? I took a trip to Indiana with my friends Shiny Puppy, Vyren (Caeged Studios), and her beau James (Feng) to see the pooches at Wolf Park. The following video is of the wolves loving up on the photographer of the park, Monty. Please visit wolfpark.org and buy stuff or go visit there and donate money by adopting a wolf or doing a seminar so you can have a hands on experience too. ^_^ (It's all non profit, too)

ALSO i'm taking my first practicum there studying the animals at the park for artistic/animation purposes. The practicum is gonna set me back about $530, but well worth it, plus I read I can have hands on experience with the wolves which would be so awesome and unforgettable and I have no regret donating money to animals. <3

Art coming in next post.

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