Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Orphaned Works Act

Well Scott got my butt in gear to do this (i've been busy with finals) and I want to get it out to all the people that visit here. Yes, there is a scare about an Orphaned Works Act, and no matter how much it might seem like a helping hand to some, it truly is not. Not just ART, but songs, stories, books, photographs even of your family are at danger for being profited from. It basically makes art theft LEGAL. I know there are lots of furs/artists/writers who may visit this page too. Your fursonas, characters, stories, poems EVERYTHING are up for free grabs by a random person who cannot find proof of your work or whom wants to erase the signature on it. Orphaned Works means if they cannot find the owner. Which means someone MIGHT not do that research, and people CAN, with enough effort erase your signature. So please do not let this pass! Write to your senators, the white house, anywhere where you can get your word in! Sign petitions! Rant about it! 

From my view, it is a bill. And all bills must be passed through one stage of voting by the people. And if we get the word out on what this is, we can help protect this. And this also goes for all different kinds of artists, not just the visual ones. 

Art theft makes me literally sick as it is. This probably will not pass if everyone is informed. So i'm just doing my part getting to the ears which have not heard yet. I suggest everyone else does the same. Or gets their view out. Either way, it's us loosing our right to copyright by not registering. We have little money as it is as art students and artists, why take from the poor? It's kindofa backwards Robin Hood syndrome going on here with the government. 

-Stephanie (Sufi)

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