Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Apologies everyone. Someone hacked my email ( Tuesday around 7-8 pm. If anyone has recieved no answer from me or strange emails, please know this is not me, but a hacker. I've tried getting it back and i'm praying and crossing my fingers for everything to be ok. I really do not know why someone would hack my email, and they have hacked my account and my oekaki and my friend Stephanie's oekaki site (this one was trashed with derogatory language against furries and spammed viciously). This email honestly is my life, my freelance job, and my personal life as well, I use it to make whatever living I can. I've had it for 5 years and i'm not giving it up to an immature person who thinks its funny to do this when I have done nothing to them. I honestly never do anything malicious or harmful to any other human being, and I wish this person would come clean and work this problem out with me face to face and get this problem solved and over with; instead of playing these childish games. I have a life to live and I do not want anything to do with someone's petty internet drama. I honestly and truely will let everything go if I am messaged privately and anonymously my password or have my things set back to the way they were with their original passwords and secret questions and given the go. If not, I will continue to search for evidence, and if I do find evidence to someone who has done this, I will call the police because hacking is a felony and it's a breech into identity theft. The truth always seems to surface eventually so hopefully I will either get my evidence or my email back soon. Either way, I trust that everything will be eventually ok. If anyone wants to get in touch with me, please contact me in a message here.

Again i'm sorry for any inconvience and if you are waiting for a tail to come in the mail, I have them all sent out except MoonMochi's because I have just bought the silver wig and the fur is at my house. I should have everything sent by next week. Thanks for being patient, everyone. <3

-Stephanie (Sufi/Ifus)

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