Friday, April 18, 2008


So I shall be scanning in my sketchbook soon and putting pics up here of figures and face studies and whatnot just so you can see how much i've grown this semester. I gotta get stuff ready too for reviews. Oh man, its more work than I thought! But it's gonna be worth it in the end to get stuff done right.

I will get my email back today. I'm predicting so since i've had complications getting the password reset message sent to my school email, so I have another hotmail account it's being sent to. Me and Stephanie (Rhia) pretty much have a hunch who has done it, and the longer they are ignoring us confronting them, the more they are making it obvious it was them. It's a shame really, they were really a good friend to us in the past and it's a shame to have evidence that this person did what they have done.

Other than that, summer projects I have planned are:

-Collie/animal hats
-Prints to sell at the Collie Picnic to help afford their mascot I am going to make them.
-Starbar fursuit fullsuit
-Painting my Aunt Linda's house

And I just have been commissioned to do sketches for a children's fairytale book from my eye doctor. I'm really excited about this and I am meeting with her this Sunday. This will hopefully get my funds up for my costume making and get me more exposure. (:

That's all for now.

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