Monday, April 21, 2008

Boss Finished

Done with Prismacolor Markers and Indian Ink/Microns.
Boss is ©2008 Stephanie Fargo (me)

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Scott Daly said...

As artists and citizens we still have to be aware of what our government is doing. Even though it may not have passed before that may not be the case later. Sitting on the sidelines and saying it will never pass is not proactive. If it were to happen who is to say that we can ever reverse it. "You didn't look at your rights then so why are you looking at them now" As artists we must pay close attention to what is happening in copyrights. We are a group that cannot unionize which means we are scattered. We are a group with low economic standing which means we do not have a prevalent way of being represented. What I am trying to do is trying to create that awareness. You should write your representatives, senators, president, and vice president. I know I have. Large companies such as Google are excited for this bill to pass. That would mean the content that they have collected that is an "orphan" can be used without infringement of copyrights. More usage of their site, this would fatten up their pockets quite a bit. We as artists cannot just inform people and vote no. We as artists have to stand up, be heard, gather together as one and not let others take away our way of living. The gift of image making has been passed down from generation to generation and now it is on our laps. I don't know about you but I do not plan on dropping that torch, I plan on being proactive.