Sunday, August 17, 2008

1st semester animatic. Never Too Late

Because i'm that lazy and I had people demand I post this.

Haphazard is a border collie/wolf hybrid character of mine that's tortured in a government lab. Test after test he wishes he could get away from this hell that his life is meant for he dreams of more. His luck changes for the better though when the scientist testing on him goes a little bit too far and ends up giving him a chemical SO strong, that he goes into berserk mode and kills the person who not only created him but tested on him. He escapes and flees into the woods so he can live a more peaceful, natural life.

Audio is "Never Too Late" by Three Days Grace. I AM NOT SELLING THE SONG IN ANYWAY. The song is a place holder until I get another song to replace it that I have the actual rights to. I would NEVER sell anything without the rights/permission from the band. This is for practice and entertainment purposes for a school assignment. Thank you.


Butch said...

this seriously almost made me cry, very good job, i liked the ending, but poor canie.

Stephanie Fargo said...

Thanks Butch! ^_^
I'm sorry it almost made you cry though... ;_;
But its meant to be a moving piece, so I thank you for you caring about it <333