Friday, March 21, 2008


Yeah sorry for the many posts, I'm just getting these up so you guys can see different mediums of what I do.


More close-ups coming soon of the window/beach one.

Murals would cost probably about $25-$30 an hour depending on space and detail. I use acrylic paint and I ask that the paint is paid for as well. I prefer the $.50 to $1.00 paint from Micheals, so don't worry about that, plus I work faster than most artists. Even though I do take my good time on them.

I do not do out of country jobs yet (no passport). I will do an out of state job though if my plane tickets are paid for and I have a place to sleep and am paid partly that day to get food to eat, until the mural is done. I will not do jobs during the week in August-May because of school. And depending on if I have summer classes June-Beginning of July. I will be available on the weekends Saturday morning-Sunday night (as far as I know, I don't know my schedule change for next semester). Local jobs, I will drive myself to your house, don't worry about that.

Time spent on blackboard frame: Est. 8 hours
Window/Beach: 3 different visits about 4-6 hours each time.

Side Note: It's almost 4 am and I danced at the Ball for 4 hours and i'm not resting why? Haha, I must be out of my mind.

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